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98 galant transmission

Old 05-07-2004, 10:28 PM
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Default 98 galant transmission

I have a 98 galant with just over 80k. Apparently I have had a complete transmission failure which is about to cost me somewhere in the vicinity of 2000 dollars<IMG src=smileys/smiley19.gif border="0">. I have tried to check the Internet to find out if it is a problem with vehicles in this year, but it doesn't seem to be. Has anyone else had this happen and if so , do I have ANY other options other than to take out a bank loan to pay for a whole new transmission. This seems like a huge failure in a car that is not that old and has been maintained meticulouslly.
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Default 98 galant transmission

meticulous meaning every 30 k a complete service ? flush complete system etc...</P>

they do fail all galants do but if it threw a service code do a run down may be burnt up but also it could be something simple .</P>

2K seems awfully high I can tell you this from the dealer your getting a rebuilt unit from a place out in california new my A$$ so your local trans shop may be your best bet at least to take a deeper look into your problem .</P>

One you can trust good luck ..... but before you condem it do a little homework</P>

fluid smell burnt ? does it move in any gear at all ? is the trans in safemode ? </P>
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Default RE: 98 galant transmission

I also have a 98 galant with 105000 on her. My trany seems to kick real hard into second gear after I take off. I hope I'm not headed down the same path.
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Default RE: 98 galant transmission

I agree, $2000 seems like a lot. Have you had experience with this shop before? Any references? Also like Mitsu-tech said, it might just be one problem that can be fixed with a few hundred instead of a whole new transmission for $1,000+. I would ask EXACTLY what is wrong with it and if you don't like the answer, take it to another shop. Another $50 tow will still make you money if you save $500 on the repair.
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Default RE: 98 galant transmission

$2K is CHEAP.

Here's how it went with mine:

369 4.7 H-Labor Remove & Replace
700 10 J-Labor Overhaul
1069 subtotal

321 Solenoid
195 Overhaul kit
277 Torque cvt
35 Kickdown band
816 Geartrain
84 Ring gear
24 ATF
1768 subtotal

137 tax

$3000 total

This was a car which went on the same fluid 63,000 miles, as it turned out. I'm not surprised the tranny gave up the ghost. The convertor was full of shavings, and solenoid covered in shavings too.

As you can see, if you can save the main geartrain and just replace small things, it can be done under $2000 - barely, and it you're lucky.
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Default RE: 98 galant transmission

Hi Mitsubishi owners....

I understand that this is bit older post, but still replying to test my luck...

yup.. I'm also a mitsubishi galant 98 owner and it seems the transmission is out of work. I got it checked from the mitsubishi service center and came to knw that it was having lots of metal shavings and transmission oil burnt.
So, replaced the transmission oil. Still the same problem.

also, it started giving problems with getting in to second gear. IT seems the transmission does have real problem.
Got rough estimate from local auto body shops of aroun $1.5K - $2K
Can anyone from this forum help me getting it done bit cheaply?

Thanks in advance.
Warm Regards,
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Default RE: 98 galant transmission

Few more inputs for my car are as follows -

ES, 4 DR
85K miles
98 yr
timing belt replaced sometime back....(aruond 70K)
I own this vehicle around 6 months and one of the trans body shop guy told me that the transmission had been replaced not more than a yr ago with junkyard transmission....

HELP me.

let me know if you want to knw more abt the same...

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