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Considering a Lancer - Have questions

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Default Considering a Lancer - Have questions

My beloved Saab is getting rather long in the tooth, so it's car shopping time. Obviously, I can't get another Saab, so it's time to look for something else.

I was very close to buying a Lancer Ralliart, until I found out that replacement transmissions cost $22,000. Nope, nope, nope, not even if there's a 1% chance of failure, nope.

That said, I test drove a 2017 Lancer GTS and liked it. It is, in fact, one of the few cars I have driven and liked, so it is very high on my list of possibilities. 2017 is a bit rich for me, however, so a used one it's going to be. That said, I do have questions about Lancers in general. Perhaps y'all can help me speed my decision.
  • From my research, it appears that the GTS was a trim until 2010, took a hiatus, and then came back in 2015. Is that correct? Are there differences between the 2010 GTS and the 2015 GTS?
  • Do all GTS models have the 2.4 engine?
  • Are there some good, minimally intrusive ways to bump the HP of the 2.4 engine a bit? 164hp isn't bad, but I think it could do with an extra 20 or more low-end torque.
  • What are common issues with Lancers? Are the auto transmissions fairly robust?
  • How's the body integrity? Living in salty Canada, I would not like a car that will look like the Titanic in a few years. (Primary reason why I'm not considering a Mazda.)
I found a 2010 GTS that looks very nice at a dealer not far from me. Is there anything I should look for when I inspect it? Looking forward to replies and advice. I really like the look and feel of Lancers and I hope it's a fair replacement for old Saaby.
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I've had 5 Lancers so far...03 ..06...09...13...and about to purchase my new 2017 next week. My wife totalled our 13 and came away with only a few bumps...7 Air Bags...saved her. We love these cars..and the brand in general. The 2017 2.4 makes 168 HP...I suppose you could get more with some tuning add ons...not my thing tho.

As far as the body goes...just use Krown Rust every 2 years and you will be happy.
Proper maintenance will keep things running smooth....not alot breaks on these cars in my experience.

I paid $24,300 OTD for a 2017 ES AWC with the 2.4 including fog lights and a winter tire pkg with sensors and installation. Not too bad for the Toronto area.

Great warranty..great service. I think you should at least consider a new one. I never feel comfortable with used cars no matter how good they beats used for me...just peace of mind I suppose.

Best of luck with your purchase.
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Thanks for the info.

I would consider a new one if I could. If I really, really stretched my budget, I could buy a new one, but I'm pretty good at sussing out used cars owing to past experience and pre-teaching career. (Except the Honda I once had, but that was against my better judgement and I was in a hurry.) I prefer not spending too much on a depreciating asset. I get your reasoning, which is perfectly valid and understandable.

Do all GTS models have the 2.4? I'm having trouble figuring out the engine configurations between models and years. The 2.4 is a must-have.

Oh, and you're in the GTA and I'm in the GTA. Which Mits dealers are the better ones?
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Okay, new question. I think I might have finally figured out the trim level history on this thing. GTS until 2010. From 2011 to 2014, it was called GT. Then, GTS again from 2015 onwards. All have the 2.4 engine. Is that right?

This has made searching Autotrader a bit easier, knowing what search terms to input.

Therefore, the new question: What are the differences between the GT and GTS? Looking at pictures of the 2013/2014 models, I can see that the trim pieces in the center of the dash and doors are different. I rather like the shiny GTS trim piece, so I might go looking in a junkyard for that. Is the fuel guage between the speedometer and RPMs on the GT orange monochrome or are they the prettier blue and white on the newer GTS? Are there any other differences between the GT and GTS besides the updated front end?

The GT/GTS is definitely the version I'd want. That gives me the auto climate control, which is very handy, plus other little details that I like. AWC would be nice, but not required.

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Salt is not a problem if you wash your vehicle regularly while they are salting the roads in your city. If you are one of those people who leave it all winter and only wash in the summer you'll get rust with any car.
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