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"Service Engine Soon"

Old 06-04-2004, 02:53 PM
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Default "Service Engine Soon"

I just had service done on my 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport last week and the "Service Engine Soon" light just came on today. My Montero Sport has 67,000 miles. Any suggestions?
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If you are sure that you had it "fully" serviced then don't worry about the light, it will go out after you put some more miles on. They should have reset it when they serviced it.
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i notice on my 2001 montero limited i get that same light coming on only when i tow something or when i'm really stepping on it??? i think it throughs the computer off for a while because under normal driving the light comes off after normanl usage??
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service engine soon light is most often caused by an air/exhaust sensor if the light is on steady get it checked eventually if the light is flashing get it checked ASAP.
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take it to autozone or something and they hook it up to tell you what the error code is
Old 09-26-2005, 05:44 AM
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You should bring it into the shop and insist that they look into it for free. Don't wait too long or rack up alot of miles from when you drove off from that particular shop or it might be more difficult to get them to do it free of charge. No matter how trained or skillfull the technician (or not), there is always such a thing of making a mistake. There are many different reasons why that check engine light came on- have it checked out so you know for sure.

Joel, CA
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I have a dealer down the few blocks. Does not help. Will charge me $70.00 JUST to look at it and put my Montero Sport 2002 on their computer. I had already gone to AutoZone and was told "for free" the codes po161 were for Oxygen Senor 2, bank 2. I had also gone to a Firestone first just to get a price range with this code in hand. Rep stated almost $250 WITH no guarantee that light would come off. Basically dealer quoted me same price. I guess I will save up and see what they can do. By the way I have been driving it this way since Feb 07
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Default RE: "Service Engine Soon"

Look at the date of the post.........2005
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I am having the same issue, I recently bought a 2002 montero sport v6 3.5. I had it serviced and the light keeps coming back on and each time they have said it has been 1 of the o2 sensors, (2 replaced already). It just came back on. The vehicle has a subtle smell coming from the exhaust and motor when the vehicle is warmed up. And it seems to eat through coolant, yet no leaks that I can see, and the exhaust is a gray color and constant even when the vehicle is completely warmed up, I wish I could describe the smell to give more insight. But I am not very vehicle oriented person, thank you for your help.
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Mysteriously going through coolant while having white sweet smelling exhaust is not what you want to have happen. Coolant is getting into the intake or combustion chamber from either a bad gasket or a crack. That could cause an O2 sensor to not work properly.

I just got my 1st Montero Sport (2002) to replace my broken 86 Bronco II. I got a check engine light after taking 3 miles of Interstate as a short cut home. I read the codes & got a O2 sensor code for not switching. I reset it and it was fine until I took the Interstate short cut again. Same code & I reset it. It has been 2 weeks now and it hasn't come on again even after several repeat Interstate runs. I noticed this engine has 2 sensors and Bank 1 is where I was getting the error code. I will have a learning curve on this engine if it forces me to. I had the Bronco II for 17 years and learned just about everything there was to know about it. If I end up not liking this Montero Sport, I have another BII that just needs the short block replaced to fix poor oiling to the lifters. I have high hopes the Montero will get me to give up having a BII around.

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