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02 Montero Sport Limited AWD

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Default 02 Montero Sport Limited AWD

Sorry for the long post, but I thought you would enjoy this one!!! Took my truck to the dealership Tuesday with a list of items I wanted them to fix if they were under warranty.

My selt belt light warning light stopped coming on when the seat belt is unbelted. The indicator for the shifter from AWD to 4H won't lock in.. and yes I know how to properly shift my vehicle. It did this about 6 months ago, but I played with it enough and it finally came on and started working. The light button for the air-recirculator (for air/heat) was out. Not sure whether or not the air was reciruclating. Air conditioner compressor running louder than it should IMO. High beam drivers side out (after having dealership previously replace headlamp full of moisture). My sunroof lip is bubbling around the sunroof in two places --- where the seam is and then about 12 inches away from that.

So, I am told to come back the following morning, so I do. About an hour after dropping it off, I get a call from the Service Advisor telling me that suddenly my indicator from AWD to 4H is working and that there is nothing wrong with it. Ok, so I'll assume they played with it enough and finally got it to work after I repeatedly tried.

They keep it all of that day, and call be back at the end of the day and tell me to come pick it up the tech should be done with it because he is still working on the electrical problem. I get there and it's not done so I have to come back the next day.

I get a call the next day around 10:00 am telling me there is nothing wrong with my seatbelt light is working as designed, that is the way it is meant to work. And that I have had them chasing their tails. It doesn't turn on when the seatbelt is undone at all.. not for a second, not for a millisecond .. not at all. In fact, I believe in the US.. it's safety requirement of all vehicles to have this light stay on past a certain year. So, I ask the guy, then why the hell did I begin wearing my seatbelt when I purchased this vehicle because the seatbelt light drove me crazy until I put on my seatbelt????

So, then I get to argue with him again over several conversations, I call Mitsubhishi who refers me to call other dealerships. I call them and am told that the proper behavior is for the seatbelt to at least activate when taking off the seatbelt with the car on (as a reminder)... which makes sense, why else would the sensor pigtail be on the seatbelt if it were not for being activated when undone???? Otherwise, there would be no need for a sensor, because the seatbelt light comes on when you turn the car on anyways!!!!

But it doesn't end there.... the air conditioning light is a complete panel when they will place on order and get back to me. No problem; however, I'm alreayd miffed that I'm being bs'd into thinking my truck is ok, and after the wierd behavior, I'm thinking that the computer control between these sensors and the panel is going or is gone, because like I said of the wierd indicators either not working and then suddenly working agian. So I go to pick it up, and the guy tries charging me $38 for a new key (because I did ask for a new key) and $78 to program the key when in teh owenrs manual I can do this myself. I argue with him, tell him to keep the key and they keep insisting I can't program it myself. !!!!!! Ok, fine, take my keys, let them keep their new key, go to start the vehicle, and voila... the "service engine soon" light comes on. I go in complaining, they send a tech out who hooks up the comptuer, clears the code, and I am assured it will be ok. I get home, I turn the truck off, back on and there is the light again. I call back the service advisor who tells me to bring it back to the dealership at 4:30 when they close at 5:00 and to drive it in that condition.

At this point, I'm lucky that I know the GM of the dealership - as he has been a friend for years, and actually sold me my truck. I go through the rendition and get an apology. The next day after several calls back and forth, my truck is picked up on a flat bed and a rental delivered.

However, I would still like to know what the heck could possibly be causing all these wierd issues -- a computer? A sensor? Several sensors? With only 47K miles on it. Any ideas?
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