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1996 Montero 3.5 VALVE STEM SEALS & Rebuild Videos

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Red face 1996 Montero 3.5 VALVE STEM SEALS & Rebuild Videos

Does anyone know of newer valve stem seals for a 1996 Montero SR 3.5L?

I'm grinding the valves on mine, which is a job I haven't done since 1962 as a 14 year old kid, checking the guides and of course the valves themselves.

But I'd just rather TAKE A SEVERE BEATING than put this thing back together with the OEM stem seals that are virtually guaranteed to leak in a few thousand miles. It just seems contradictory to doing the job in the first place.

Also, anyone know of any tear down videos or rebuild videos or pictures of the 1994-1996 3.5 Double Over Head Cam engines? I have a friend who is helping with this project, and he has just recently done this job on his '94 Toyota 4Runner, and he has experience with rebuilding an old BMW engine several years ago, but I have NO experience in doing this kind of job.

Any tips or suggestions for pictures or videos to look at for re-assembly, head re-surfacing, valve guide checking, or the stem seals?

My mechanic says I'm way in over my head on this job, and I certainly feel like it.

ANY HELP would be appreciated!! (before I hang myself)
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Check this link out. It helped me to redo my heads on my 6G72.

You will find a manual for you engine. Good luck!

P.S. I never did my stem valves seals and valve laping before. But it is no way an over a head job. Just don't rush and mark valves and theirs places. It is good to clean valves and "reset" them with laping compound too. The engine will be happy after that. I've got my 1995 Montero LS with 3.0L engine. It worked like dieing dog. Check Engine light was lit, misfiring and air sucking noise in engine compartment. What I did: I took heads off, bought Full Gasket Set with new timing belt and new water pump on e-bay, then took valves off and cleaned them from gunk, replaced stem seals and camshaft seals too, put everything back together (had to reinstall timing belt 2 times due to improper way I did first time) - put key in ignition switch and - WOW! it started right away! (there was noise due to lifters were not getting there oil yet) And now engine works like a champ and there is no any warning light on in instrument panel. Check Engine Light is gone. After that i drove my baby from 50 ft above sea level on a top of mauntain that is 13600 ft above sea level in 2 hours and it passed test without any problem. It was not overheating at all even it was carring 5 adults . I put 200 miles on it already and it works fine.
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Default '94-'96 Montero 3.5 6g74 Stem Seal and Lower Plenum

Well, spetznazer, you were correct in telling me I WOULD find my manual at and I, indeed, did find it, so I owe you a debt of great gratitude, as do any members who need it on this website. I also looked at your profile picture, and I'm not sure whether I should be really scared or really proud of what you do there. I'm just going to go with a positive thought, and assume you do good work, whatever that work is.

While looking for information for my Valve Stem Seal problem, I did find some more information that should definitely help other members of this site if they have a 1994-1996 Montero SR 3.5 6g74 engine.

First, I found a site that has a procedure on doing the valve stem seals.

Here's the link to that information:

And, here's a Step-By-Step procedure for Changing the Lower Intake Plenum on a 1995 Montero SR with 3.5L DOHC(same 6g74 engine as the '94 & '96):

This page also lists the part numbers for gaskets, and the Lower Plenum Assembly(which includes the actuator rod, the butterflies and the bushings). The individual parts can't be ordered separately, as they only sell them as a complete assembly from Mitsubishi.

Pricing for the parts varied quite a bit, as the price for the for the Lower Plenum was $540 at my local dealer in Northern California, and after searching other discount Mitsubishi dealers across the country, I finally settled on Mitsubishi, where it cost me $368, a savings of $172. I've used them several times before, and gotten good service, so I recommend them.

I may post some more threads on how this is progressing, but right now I still need to get the heads re-surfaced and the valves ground, so it will be awhile before I'm done.

By the way, if you need part numbers, here are a few:

Exhaust Valve Stem Seal, Mitsubishi Part #MD307343 (You need 12)
Intake Valve Stem Seal, Mitsubishi Part #MD306079 (You need 12)
Lower Intake Plenum Assembly, Mitsubishi Part #MD335940
(This is described on as Tank, Engine Air Intake Sur.)
It only comes as an assembly, not as individual part numbers.

Hopefully, I can start and run my Montero again in a few weeks without any further problems.

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i rent the tool to change the vss
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hola algien que hable es paol
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