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1999 Pajero Sport GLX Diesel best forum?

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Default 1999 Pajero Sport GLX Diesel best forum?

I am an American overseas in the Middle East. I have a new-to-me 1999 Pajero Sport GLX. There are so many Mitsubishi forums on the web, which is great, but I don't know the best place (forum) for me. I go back to the U.S. to get parts which I suppose would be Montero (not Pajero) parts for the same vehicle, although I am also able to get things shipped from the UK or other Europe (I saw some Pajero things on eBay that were in the country Belarus). Anyway, if it's all fine with everyone here, this seems like a perfectly good forum for me.

Can anyone with more knowledge than I have (which includes everyone, actually), tell me where I might be able to source the lower inner wheel well plastic that shields the bottom of the engine from dirt and snow? I have the upper wheelwell "overhead" liner (above the tire), but not lower one (without the one I'm talking about being present you can peer into the wheelwell and get a clear view of the alternator).

Secondly, and sorry to mix topics which might be a no-no, but I am new to the forum protocols: I am getting a whining sound which happens at the OPPOSITE time that you would expect a bad throw out bearing to give you noise. In other words, I get a sound that sounds exactly like a bad clutch throw out bearing, except my whining sound only happens when the clutch is not pushed to the floor. If I push the clutch pedal down the whining sound goes away. The mechanic says this is not indicative of a bad throwout bearing and can be ignored. It's a really loud whine though, in every gear, and even idling not in gear. It's definitely a transmission-emanating whine and not from the engine, although it does increase with RPM and is louder when accelerating. Any suggestions or clues?

Thirdly, does anyone know where I can source a new shift ****? With 400,000km, mine is all shiny and worn out.

Any suggestion on where to get leather seat covers to redo all my seats with a kit?

How about floor mat suggestions?

Where is the best place to order a snorkel breather?

I feel like I have bad sycronizers between 1st and 2nd gear and to a lesser degree going from 2nd to 3rd gear. It's worst in the morning before driving for 5 minutes, but I have a shift especially slowly and gingerly so as not to grind the gears. The mechanic said changing the gear oil will not help. I said in response, then why do the manufactures' engineers bother to put in a metal bit collection magnet integrated into the drain plug? He said OK I'll change the gear oil if you really want me to, but what you really need is to either rebuild the transmission or use some spider-like gooey additive which costs $200. Do you know which additive he's talking about, or do you have another additive recommendation?

What are the best American equivalent keywords I can use to search for my series of Pajero Sport, in America? Is it simply called the Montero Sport? I saw a similar looking one in a junkyard in Georgia few weeks back. I think it was a Montero, with fender flares. Do I have a Generation 2 (gen 2)?

Thanks for any and all help you can give me.
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Wow, that's a lot of questions...

As far as keywords, in US you will need to search for "Montero Sport".

Seat covers, snorkles, shift *****, etc... - Google is your best friend.

Many sources for parts. You should be able to find all necessary parts for this vehicle in the Middle East, as they are one of the regular workhorses there (along with Toyota's). I'd think the price you pay for the parts there will be better than in US.

Whining noise when stopped in neutral is an indication of a input shaft bearing in the transmission getting worn out and/or not getting enough lubrication. It is not a throwout bearing. If you are lucky, it might be just a little noisy and you can drive many thousands of miles without doing anything. Check your transmission oil level and keep on trucking. The only true remedy for this is a transmission rebuild. Which incidentally you might need anyway because of worn out syncros. The 2-nd and 3-rd gear syncros are first to go simply because those are most frequently used gears when you are dealing with city driving. After all the miles, they are just wear out. The material that comes off the syncro gears will not be collected by the magnets on the drain plugs. Syncros are made out of brass type metal which is not magnetic. The magnets will catch slivers of metal and metal (steel) dust from gears. Steel is hard and this way you can keep that metal out of the bearings. The bronze of syncros is soft, so it will stay suspended in the oil giving it a golden speckle look. Just change oil and keep on driving. Find at what RPMs the gears shift/engage without too much force and be gentle on it. If an when you can no longer make any 1-2 or 2-3 shifts - time for a rebuild or for a "new" used transmission.
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