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Old 05-08-2011, 11:06 AM
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Default 2000 Montero Sport valve cover Gasget

Hi guys,

I just got my car and i'm Broke :P >

I did get the manual for the car - an online one though ... didnt really think it was amazingly useful, maybe its me, or the version i have !!!

Anyways, i have no experience at all in cars, nor do i have any tools, was wondering whether any1 can at least show me where the valve cover gasgets are...

how difficult is it to change it ... i looked under the hood and if i'm not mistaken i thought that there were piles of stuff over it ... i actually thought that there are motor parts over it ! i'm confused ...

Is there any1 that can help this amature start working on it ...

I can Post pictures for it ...
The pic i attached is just one from e-bay to let you know what im talking about ...

I'd really appreciate any help . No videos on youtube for montero's ...
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Old 05-08-2011, 02:30 PM
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Why do you think it needs valve cover gaskets?

Most oil leak problems on that engine are due to things called rear cam plug o-rings or seals going bad. If the oil seems to be coming from the rear of the engine and drippig down on the exhaust pipes this may be your problem. It
s very common and fairly easy and cheap to fix - although you will need to get a few tools and read up on it in this forum - use the Search function for "rear cam seals" or o-rings.

On the other hand if you really do need valve cover gaskets (what are your symptoms?) that's a much bigger project and honestly not something you would want to attempt yourself based on your statements.

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Old 05-08-2011, 07:05 PM
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Welcome to the forums....

So why didn't the manual you have provide you any joy? Try this link and see the illustrations which will at least give you an understanding of your engine's layout and what's involved in replacing the gaskets should that indeed be necessary.


You should also beg, borrow or steal (not really, but I hate to break up a set ) a basic set of metric sockets and wrenches, not to mention a torque wrench in order to put anything you've removed back in the proper way. It's money spent up front that will pay you back later.

But jrmdir is right in asking why you're certain you need to do this? Let's get that horse up in front of the cart where he belongs...
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Old 05-08-2011, 10:19 PM
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Default Wow !

I'm loving this forum already ! >

well before i got the car, i inspected it at a firestone, they said that there is a valve cover gasget leak and that they wanted to change both siides, also they said that its leaking for somewhere else they didnt know !!!

it also needs breaks and rotors all around ... and windshield !!! and the winshield water splasher aint working either !!! the more i discover the more i feel that i was cheated ... anyways ... i put all my money in it and there is no way going back ...

the car is not really dripping any oil ... the leaks are there but are not really that big, I always head that the valve cover gasget is a piece of cake ... apparently not on this car !!!! from what you guys are saying ...

I just replied to thank you now, but will reply again when i get some decent photoes and good information about the leaks.

> hope you had a wonderful weekend,

Wish me luck in my finals
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Old 05-09-2011, 11:00 AM
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Glad you're feeling the love

It sounds like most any new owner encountering a lot of little issues that only reveal themselves once the ink on the transfer papers has dried. Who of us hasn't been there, right? But from what you're saying, none of them sounds like fatal errors or anything that will keep you off the road for now.

Your windshield water splasher could just be out of fluid (not to insult your intelligence or anything), there could be a blockage in the plastic tubing, or a leak, or the motor might be shot, or there could be a loose electronic connection or a blown fuse or a bad switch — take your pick.

The thing is, try and go about fixing up your beast in a logical, step-by-step manner, starting with the most serious stuff first that might effect safety — like the brakes. Since you're low on cash (who isn't?) drive by your local auto parts store and often they will read your codes for free. Every ride with an electronic brain like these has a computer controlling all your car's functions. If something goes wrong, it spits out an error code. This in turn tells you where to look. So if something is wrong with your brakes — really wrong — they'll be an error code helping you focus on what needs doing. Hopefully, it's just pads and rotors like the guy said. But anything else wrong with your beast will show up as well. It's a smart first step in order to get a baseline read on a vehicle which is basically brand new to you. And it only costs the gas to get there. So that'd be my advice for your first step.

I commend you in wanting to fix it up and not waste the money you've already spent. These are great vehicles once you work out all the squawks and isn't winding up with a great vehicle the best "revenge" you could imagine for a bad deal?

Good luck with your finals, stick around here awhile, and remember that there's lots of help available in these precincts....

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