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Help!! 06 Montero

Old 03-29-2019, 07:19 PM
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Default Help!! 06 Montero

I just returned from my mechanic, who informed me that I have a blown head and I must replace the whole suspension. Tie Rods, Shocks, Shock Bushings, Ball Joints EVERYTHING! He says it will cost $4200.00 to fix it and it is not worth it. I am looking for some advice on what to do with this vehicle. I am completely heartbroken!!
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How did you managed to do both at the same time? You can fix the heads and then at a later date deal with the suspension.
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I took it in because the "check engine soon" light came on. I asked the mechanic while it was there if he would look into why its riding so weird. Had to pick it up today and the mechanic said it is completely shot. I am on this forum to maybe get some advice before I just take what my mechanic says and drive it to the junk yard.
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Default Re: Help!

Two ways to approach this, well, 3 ways.

One. You toss your wallet to the guy. I absolutely feel that these trucks are worth $4200, they were sold at $40k when new (that's about $60k in today's $). Insist on Moog suspension parts.

Two. You buy the parts and do it yourself, or buy parts and beer and have a buddy do it. Your control arms (4) are about $100 each and come with ball joints and bushings. Tie rod ends (4) are about $50 each, and a pitman arm and a idler arm will cost $200. So that's $800 total and could be done in two stages; control arms in one, tie rod in the other. The work is not complex at all, and when doing the control arms, throw in a set of wheel bearings (definitely less than $100). Having the hub off will make the job easier anyway. Get her aligned and off you go with the satisfaction of saving money and doing it yourself. As for the head gaskets, the set is about $300, add $120 for new valve lash adjusters (unless already upgraded, the top oil hole should be about the full diameter of a pencil lead), change hoses if you like and consider Evans Waterless Coolant ($150 for 3 gal.). This job is a lit more fiddly, especially on the twin cams, but doable. As you can deduct, labor is the big piece of this. Again, Moog only.

Three. Sell or give the truck to me, I'll suffer through, lol!!!
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Default Shocks

Rancho 5000, or better yet 9000s, $100 - 200/ wheel.
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Default Oops!

I thought I saw '96... delete option 3, sorry, I'm a hardcore Gen 2 only guy.

The prices are still close, except the wheel bearings, about $200 each
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Wow, you just made this seem not so bad. I love this vehicle and I'm going with option 2. Lol. Except, I think that I will find someone to do the heads for me. Thank you for your advice. Greatly appreciated!
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Default Option 2

Awesome! There's nothing better than when you know your rig intimately.

A couple of changes to the suggestions: first, I think as a '06, you already have the upgraded VLA's. Second, the head gasket job has to be done first, no question about it. It's not terribly complex, just a big list to do in order and put back in reverse order, but again, no better way to learn how to replace virtually every part in the engine bay.

Here it goes from memory, in approximate order:
Battery box
Intake hose
Air box
4WD vacuum lines
Evap lines
Wire harness:
Power steering
Temp sensors
Cam sensor
Crank sensor
Ignition module
Injector harness
Egr harness
Drain radiator
Fan shroud
Fan & fan clutch (together)
Radiator hoses
Intake manifold support brackets
Power steering support brackets
A/C pump
A/C pump bracket
Power steering pump
Accessory carrier bracket (big, on front of engine)
Throttle cable
Cruise control cable
Throttle body coolant lines
Egr pipe
Fuel pressure vacuum line
Brake booster vacuum line
Upper intake plenum bolts
Upper intake plenum
Water outlet housing & thermostat
Water outlet housing to rear transfer pipe
All vacuum and breather hoses
Ignition coils & plug wires
Heater outlet and return hoses
Valve covers
Timing belt covers
Timing belt
Fuel rails
Exhaust Y-pipe
Exhaust manifolds
Intake manifold
Rear coolant crossover pipe


I think that's all, lol!

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