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Rusty Fuel pump assembly/Headlight Washer Pump links

Old 12-10-2014, 10:07 PM
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Default Rusty Fuel pump assembly/Headlight Washer Pump links

Wanted to give you guys with Monteros/Pajeros a heads up:

When I was looking for an SR to buy here in Minneapolis, I came across a green '94 model for $500. The only thing wrong was that the fuel pump assembly had rusted through and was leaking fuel at high pressure. The assembly itself was difficult to find locally (used). New from the dealer it would have cost me about $500-$600 depending on which parts website you chose.

Since I now need to drop the tank in my current 96' SR, I knew that my rusting fuel sender assembly would likely need to be replaced. They tend to become exceedingly delicate as they rust (I tried to remove a junk-yard one and the tubes bent like they were made of paper).

On ali-express, the direct from china offshoot of alibaba, you can apparently find a great deal of parts for all gens montero. TPS sensors for $9 with shipping, etc.

Just before Thanksgiving, I ordered the following assembly:

Fuel Tank Fuel Pump Assembly For Mitsubishi Pajero Montero V43 6G72 V45 6G74 Dakar V13V MR208665 MR376049 MR124881
Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is Fuel Tank Fuel Pump Assembly For Mitsubishi Pajero Montero V43 6G72 V45 6G74 Dakar V13V MR208665 MR376049 MR124881

And to my surprise, it was exactly what I was looking for. It was brand new, and even if you use another pump, the assembly itself was worth the $80 (with shipping) I paid.

I've also found the correct headlight washer pump for those with SRs whose pump has rusted itself into oblivion:

I would have ordered this had I not used a different high pressure pump setup I got off Ebay. The headlight washer pump new from the dealer is like $200..

Just a heads up. Be careful, as usual, when dealing with these websites - its important to find sellers with good feedback.
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Default Pump and sender

I got mine off Ebay, 100 for the pump and 20 for the sender. I immediately replaced the pump itself with a Delphi unit from Auto Zone, 80 bucks, lifetime warranty, since all I really wanted was the pump bracket and I dont trust the Chinese pump. The shipping from China was free.
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MNalfa......I thought this was a current post, but see you posted it 5 years ago, but no one replied until Marksroberts commented yesterday. Good information you provided. I would ask you to take pics of your tank removal and post a "How To" here, but I am a bit behind the curve. I own a few 94 Monties, and based on the Gypisie's crysital ball, I was told that I will someday be removing a Montero fuel tank.....just a matter of time.
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Default Tank removal

Hey Hawk,
It's pretty easy to drop the tank. First, drain it. Mitsubishi was kind enough to provide us with a drain plug! Second, under the rear carpet is an access panel with 6 bolts. You will be able to remove your fuel pump and sender unit through this hatch if needed, no tank drop required. Disconnect the two wire connectors from the pump and sender. Remove the fuel return hose from the small pipe of the sender. Go under the truck after you have jacked the frame up to extend the rear suspension. The high pressure hose needs a 14mm and a 19mm wrench to break loose at the hard fuel line going forward. When this is off, put the jack under the center of the tank with a 12 inch 2x6 or 4x6 to spread the load. Take up the tension a bit and remove the 4 nuts, 2 in the center rear and 2 at the front corners, and lower the tank a bit to give access to the fill tube. Remove the fill hose, fill vent hose, and the evap system return line and lower your tank to the ground, voila!!! Easy peasy.
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Default Tank removal

The high pressure hose is a lot easier to change after disconnecting its forward end as the fuel pump pipe may not swivel, mine didnt.
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Marksroberts......Glad its not a royal pain to remove the tank.
There is the tank behind the rear axle:

And there is the access panel with the 6 bolts you mentioned:

I had opened mine to inspect the lines and condition of the top of the tank:

And I agree.....absolutely love having drain plugs on the tank and all the differentials/tranny, etc. I give Mitsubishi a big A +++ when it comes to drain plugs.

One question: Can the skid plate be left on before removing the tank? When glancing at it, it appears that the bolts holding the skid plate on come off from above, so I am hoping the skid plate stays on during tank removal.
That would make it really easy sleezey peezey. ha ha.
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Default Tank removal

Yep, the... I'm going to call it a 'tank shield' (because in my opinion it's too flimsy to be called a skid plate, lol!!!) is attached to the tank. Those two pieces of shallow channel support the tank, give the flanges some strength. At some point I'm going to make up a proper skid plate out of 3/16" steel with reinforcing ribs to match the trans/xfer case ones.

Ribs are 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/8 angle welded open side to the plate running longitudinally
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Default Tank removal

That of course is the skid plate for the tranny pan!
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As Crocodile Dundee would probably say - Now THAT's a skid plate...
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Default Dundee

Lol!!! Thanks! I go out into some pretty remote areas (northwestern Nevada) and really, really dont want any "unwanted incursions"...

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