Basic MOD guide for your EVO

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Default Basic MOD guide for your EVO

As many people asks about the basic mods, I've compiled a short list of positives and negatives for the "basics." Add to the list as necessary.



+ Good quality and gains and you can pick between a quiet or loud set up. Available with 3 different mufflers.
- Heard it doesn't sound as nice as many others. The new Buschur exhausts are supposed to be better.

Buschur Racing -


+ Great quality, great gains and a lot of detail to sound level and quality. Offered with the Exhale or Steathworks mufflers..
- $$$$. Works parts are expensive but you're getting great parts and service.


Greddy: (Racing Titanium)

+ Lightweight and great gains.
- Loud as hell and a higher pitched sound as titanium resonates at a higher frequency than steel. $$$.


JIC: (DE Type 1) Same as Greddy. Also available in SUS, SUS/Ti combo.


Fujtisubo: (RM01A)

+ Great gains and very quiet.
- $$ and hard to find.

Fujitsubo -



+ Cheap and proven gains. Also no dowtime as he does email reflash as long as you purchase the cable to connect a laptop to your ECU.
- Service can be delayed as Al is a one man show and very very busy.


+ Shiv knows his stuff and expect great gains.
- $$$. One of the most expensive mail in flashes out there.


+ Conservative but the reason being they wanted to add a buffer zone for everyday reliability. Traded peak #s but they did it for a very good reason. No MBC needed as they addressed the boost issue with their own boost line w/ restrictor pill.

- Won't get the highest numbers and is $600 for the flash. Again it's for a good reason.

Filter: (Several members have confirmed no need for a tune with these filters for problem-free idle/driveability. Of course a tune will make these part put out even more power)

+ Open cone = more flow and better gains. Don't need a tune for your Evo to run properly. Great for those people asking about "How do I get that WHOOSH sound from my Evo?"
- You'll hear your BOV to a greater extent which can get extremely annoying.

+ Best filter on the market for filtration and performance. Dry filter so no need to worry about oil screwing with your MAF sensor. Lifetime filter w/ no maintenance.
- $$$. Expensive filter. You'll hear your BOV to a greater extent which can get extremely annoying.

+ Stock look. Better flow and filtration than the K&N with no annoying sounds of the BOV.
- Drop in so you won't get the gains of the open cone and $$$. Oiled filter. Maintenance every 15K miles (washing and re-oiling of the filter).

+ Cheap and you get some gains. Stock look and no BOV sounds.
- Oiled and filtration. Maintenance every 10K miles (washing and re-oiling of the filter). Drop in so less flow than open cone.

MBC: (With all MBCs, you'll notice boost spikes higher than your setting on days with extremely low temperatures. Just turn down the boost a bit and you're good to go)


+Built from a company that really knows their stuff when it comes to the Evos.
-Not enough reviews to judge.

Forge Motorsports:

+Click feature on the adjustment **** and a high quality piece. Won't be disappointed.
-Some members have had slight problems, but Forge has been very good about customer service.


+Another well used and known MBC with very good reviews and satisfaction.
-Haven't seen a downside yet.

Hope this helps you out. Good luck to you with your Evo mods.
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Default BOV for EVO 8 RS

Have a stock 05 EVO VIII RS with 20k miles on it. It was stored winters so its very clean. Car had no issues with it, but I did replace the plastic stock BOV with a TurboSmart BOV as an upgrade. Since replacing though the cars seems to rev up slightly when shifting at high boost. I have adjusted the BOV spring up and down its range and while that does change when the BOV opens in the rpm range, it does not eliminate the annoying throttle response on high boost. I have checked for leaks, and when I replace it with the old BOV everything is fine again. Any ideas? Will a high flow intake fix this, as I am also looking at installing an Injen SP intake with intercooler piping replacement? Is this also a good idea? What's going to fix this....

Thanks for any input.
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Is this the duel vent BOV by turbo smart? The one that vents some of the released air to the atmosphere and the rest into the intake. What do you mean the RPMs rev up? Do you have a boost gauge? If so what are the difference in boost before and after.

It is quite possible the stock BOV actually bandaids the car because the stock plastic BOV leaks very very badly over 16PSI. So in other words your car is seeing a more solid boost up high in the RPMS where the stock one will taper the boost down.

The stock 05 evos run about 20PSI and after about 4500RPMs the boost tapers and eventually holds around 17PSI (because of the BOV) that is a big loss of top end. Your new bov should hold that boost fine and the taper down should be minimal.

After your intake and IC pipe install if you dont have an exhaust you should get one, then get your ECU reflashed. Looking at about a 40-50WHP gain
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