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How to get your EVO8 to run 12s

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Default How to get your EVO8 to run 12s

How to Make Your Evo8 Run 12's.

Recently there have been a few Evo’s in town starting to shave their quarter-mile times down into the 12’s with little money spent. It seems that they have developed their own personal formulas for success. This article will give you an in-depth look at what these local Evo owners did to break the 12-second barrier including: what parts they chose and why, how much money they spent, and where you can purchase these same parts for your Evo. There are 4 different 12-second Evos that will be featured in this article, some with more money invested and more parts installed than others. Each of these setups have their advantages and disadvantages so listen up and see which setup best suites your budget and preference.
(For those of you not interested in the upgrade paths chosen by each of the 4 Evo owners, and just want to see the mod lists and time slips from each car, I’ve included them at the end of each Evo's description.)

“Evo Owner A”, whose name has been changed as per his request, broke into the 12s before his first oil change. He started out with a 3" Ultimate Racing Down-Pipe, Tanabe Titanium 3-inch Exhaust, and Hallman Manual Boost Controller set at 21psi. A Jestr Tuning ( Mode-0 ECU Re-flash got rid of the stock speed limiter, raised the stock rev limit, removed boost cut, and removed boost taper. With these modifications on pump gas, Evo Owner A ran a best of [email protected] with a 1.7 60ft, shifting out at 7000rpm. So merely opening up the exhaust flow, turning up the boost, and enhancing the stock ecu, 12’s were easily reached with very little.

George Kania, fairly new to the Evo game, has already made significant improvements over stock performance with minimal mods. George started out with ditching the stock exhaust system for a 3 inch Megan Racing o2 housing, 3 inch Megan Racing Down-pipe, and 3 inch Greddy Titanium cat-back exhaust. With these mods, his first trip to the track netted a [email protected] After which, he added a DNA Manual Boost Controller, an Ultimate Racing 3 inch testpipe, and let someone he knew attempt to re-flash his ecu. Second trip to the track gave a best of [email protected] which he was disappointed with as trap speeds indicated a loss of horsepower. Immediately after that trip to the track George had his ecu re-flashed again, but this time by John Estrada of Jestr Tuning ( George got the Mode 1 ecu re-flash from Jestr Tuning which included a raised rev limiter, removed speed limiter, removed boost cut, removed boost tapering, and remapped fuel and timing curves to suit his specific modifications. His next trip to the track produced [email protected] with a 1.81 60ft. These were the only mods done to the car at the time, so don’t think we left anything out. After that trip to the track George purchased a Walbro 255 fuel pump, Injen upper intercooler pipe with Greddy Type-s blow off valve, and Injen intake. He also turned the boost up to 23psi dropping off to 21psi, still on pump gas. The subsequent visit to the track ended with a best of [email protected] George has proven with his car that you don’t need much to make your Evo a solid 12 second car on pump gas.

Carlos, a previous local DSM owner has comfortably been in the 12s for a long time, pretty much for as long as he’s had the car, which is pushing on a year now. Carlos’ evo is his daily driver, and what it runs at the track is what it runs on the street every day. On 93 octane pump gas, with a 3" Ultimate Racing down pipe, 3" Ultimate Racing test pipe, 3" Tanabe cat-back exhaust, HKS 272 cams, Apex’i S-AFC, Walbro 255 fuel pump, and a home made manual boost controller set at 22psi dropping to 20psi by redline, the car went [email protected] with a 1.90 sec 60 foot at Orlando Motorsports Park. Just so nobody would thinks it was a fluke, Carlos backed up his pass with several 12.7’[email protected] Carlos, decided to see what the car could do on a higher octane gas so made another trip to the track with 103 octane and ran [email protected] with a 1.81 sec 60 foot, followed by an even faster [email protected] with a 1.79 sec 60 foot. Carlos also got the Mode 1 ecu re-flash from Jestr Tuning which included a raised rev limiter, removed speed limiter, removed boost cut, removed boost tapering, and remapped fuel and timing curves to suit his specific modifications. This was all on the stock clutch, and everything else not mentioned was stock.

After running [email protected] on the setup mentioned in this article, Carlos added an HKS Intake, Exedy Clutch, and an Alcohol Injection kit spraying 50% water and 50% alcohol. With the new parts Carlos hit the track and clicked off [email protected] on 93octane with the boost set at 25psi.

Jose Rivera is the only person featured in this article that has gone 12s on a completely stock, un-modified ecu with no re-flash. Jose relied on his trusty s-afc to handle adjusting and optimizing fuel curves, and left the timing control up to the stock ecu. Jose’s setup consists of a K&N drop-in filter, 3 inch Greddy Titanium cat-back exhaust, 3 inch Ultimate Racing straight pipe, 3 inch Perrin Down-pipe, and a Turbo XS upgraded front mount intercooler. The stock clutch started to slip after hard launching on this setup and a custom Tilton clutch and flywheel setup was purchased and installed, which more than took on the duty of putting the power to the wheels with a smooth and easy engagement. With these parts at stock boost (18 psi spike dropping off to 15 psi by redline) Jose’s evo went [email protected] (click for picture of time slip.) with a 1.826 sec 60 foot. Since then Jose has gone 11.4 @ xxx mph on the stock turbo with the help of a Jestr Tuning ECU Reflash, some more boost and some 116 octane Race Gas just to be safe.

Before you head to the track, you should make sure your equipment is maintained properly and you are prepared as a driver. Perform a boost leak test to prevent losing boost pressure and counted air in your system. This can be detrimental to the performance of the car’s tune. (Click Here for Information on how to make your own Boost-Leak Tester, and perform a Boost-Leak Test). Make sure your air fuel ratio is good with a wideband o2 sensor if you’ve got one readily available. Practice your launches. If you aren’t cutting 12 second passes and your time slip says you’re firing off blistering 2.2 sec 60fts, your improvement needs to come from your driving instead of more parts.

The common upgraded parts between all of these cars is the exhaust, boost controller, and ecu re-flash or fuel control. Start out with ditching your stock exhaust and preferably downpipe for 3inch aftermarket versions. Then purchase a boost controller and slowly turn up the boost making test runs between settings. If you are driving the car well and are still having troubles getting your times down, look into getting your ECU re-flashed (preferably by some one who has had lots of success putting evos where they should be time-wise like Jestr Tuning to get rid of those pesky restraints like boost taper, rev limiter, etc. If you are interested in doing your own tuning or want a more easily adjustable tuning method that can be changed on the fly, I'd suggest the Apex'i S-AFC to adjust fuel and a Wideband o2 sensor such as the Zeitronix or Innovative to make sure you are tuning for the right air fuel ratio. With these parts and the proper tuning, your Evo8 should make the power neccessary to run 12's. Depending on your dri
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Default How to get your EVO8 to run 12s

Hi,Were new to the forum and want to get in touch with admin but not sure how to do it Sorry if this isnt the right place to post the question, but thought we had to start somewhere Can anyone point us in the right direction please?Thanks in advanceTaryn and Jim
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