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Old 12-24-2017, 12:16 PM
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Default 2004.5 model revisions How to tell which one I have?

Hi all:

New to the forum and just got a 2004 Endeavor Ltd AWD. Bought with a gas leak and googled and found out about the fuel neck fill tube recall. Took it to a dealer and on the "Free 27 point inspection" they found an oil leak from "the rocker cover necessitating spark plug and seal replacement for $670" Haven't had time to verify myself as I have read here about the cam bore o-ring also. If I actually have to do the valve cover gaskets and plugs, thought I might as well do the timing belt and water pump (never like to worry when that may go when I don't know the miles on it, too big of a gamble for cost to replace vs. cost after it goes). This is what brought up the mid-year revision conundrum. Looks as if 2 TB/WP kits are sold, the difference being listed as "for 9/30 and older and 10/1 and newer). So I am assuming this was part of the mid-year 2004 change. From my driver's door plate, this one was built in June of 2003. I would assume a mid-year change, given a 10/1 date would be 10/1/2003, so I have the older version. The difference that I can readily see is from different timing belt/water pump kits I have looked at online is that the 9/30 and older has a hydraulic belt tensioner. Only info I could find was on Wikipedia where it states the engine went from 215 to 225 HP. Wiki also states the 3.8L, code 6G75 over it's life had HP ratings from 210-264 and the 6G75 looks like that was the last engine code, so the engine code did not change to reflect modifications. I can't read any numbers on my plate in the compartment above the engine, it's like none were ever there.
From Edmunds:

Mitsubishi Endeavor 2004.5 changes per Edmunds

Although the Endeavor is an all-new vehicle for 2004, an upgraded 2004.5 model was released midway through the year to address some initial shortcomings. The list of upgrades includes more horsepower (225), daytime running lamps, advanced dual-stage front airbags and a tire-pressure monitor as standard. An improved ABS system (with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and traction control) is now available on LS 2WD models and standard on XLS 2WD and Limited 2WD. A full-size spare with alloy wheel and a towing prep package is now standard on LS AWD (optional LS 2WD) and XLS.

I have the tire pressure monitor and full sized spare (although I assume these could have been ordered as options on the older version). But I don't have daytime running lamps, which are automatic always on, although I found here that DRL can't be switch deactivated, only by ECU reprogram or breaking connection on the ECU.

So I am going to call Mitsu CS Tuesday and hopefully get some answers, but thought I would post here to see if anyone else has figured out the answers to any of these questions:

1. How to determine if one has the mid-year model or not.
2. Is the 9/30 date given indicative of the change as Edmunds described, and assumes a 9/30/03 build date?
3. Am I correct in assuming part of this change is that the timing belt on the older version has the
hydraulic tensioner, the newer does not?
4. The discussion of the cam bore o-ring which was for a Montero, mentioned that only the passenger side had one,
where the driver's side has a sensor. Anyone know which case is true for all 2004's or for each of the different versions?

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas or as my Lab says, Hairy Christmas.

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Old 01-01-2018, 07:25 PM
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Update to above:

Called Mitsu CS and I guess I got Sgt. Schultz (I know noththing!) and couldn't (or wouldn't) provide any info on the differences in the mid-year change or any parts differences. So I am operating on the assumption that mine, having a build date of 6/03 as per the driver's door jamb sticker, is the older, original version. I did call Gates CS as they listed 2 kits for the TB/WP with different part nos. based on the 9/30 and older and 10/1 and newer date break. Turns out the difference is not in the TB, but in the WP. The WP in the kit for the older version has no housing on the back of it, where the newer version has a housing. I ordered the kit for the older version, so when I get that and tear it down to replace my leaking valve cover gasket(s), I guess I will know if assumptions are correct. And when I do, I did order 1 cam bore o-ring, so I guess I will find out if I need 1 or 2. I had ordered a CD supposed official Mitsu service manual off Fleabay, which had a shipping tracking no. generated but wasn't shipped after 10 days, and after an excuse of "it must be the unreliable USPS", it has shipped and I should have tomorrow or Wed., so that may tell me if 1 o-ring is what I have or if I need to also have a 2nd for the other side. And hopefully fill in all the other info about other part differences due to the mid-year change.
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