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My car shakes when stopped

Old 12-14-2006, 02:54 PM
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Default My car shakes when stopped

My car shakes whenever I stop at a stop light, after I've applied the brakes (about 5 secs after) the car will begin to shake (jump up and down). The story so far goes, went to mechanic and run diagnostic, said mass air flow sensor and ignition wires had to be replaced and so it was done. After having the mass air flow sensor (POS costed me $300 at autozone and it would have costed me $500 at the dealer for the part alone) and ignition wires replaced the car still shakes! (wtf ...) So now he's telling me maybe it's the ignition coils and the valve gasket cover, it seems at this point he's not even sure anymore. I seriously doubt it's the ignition coils or the valve cover but since they ignition coils do show some oil on them I figure I should change them either way. Anyone got any advice? I also have another problem, my car horn doesn't work ...
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Default RE: My car shakes when stopped

Exist...did you ever fix your Galant from shaking? I think I have the same problem. I'd appreciate it if you could help me with my problem.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation
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Default RE: My car shakes when stopped

Mine, too. ('00 Galant 2.4L) It won't "jump up and down" as yours does, but it does vibrate quite a bit. I'm fairly sure it is the motor mounts (probably the rear ones) that are starting to give. My understanding is that when the car is running the engine revs high enough to make the engine rise up, but at a stop the engine drops back down,and if the motor mounts are not doing their job in cushioning the engine virbration from passing on to the frame, then you'd feel the vibration.
Motor mounts are not cheap to replace. Since I live pretty close to where I work and I only encounter at most 4 stop lightswhere I need to stop the car long enough (i.e., more than a second or two) to feel the vibration, I simply shift to neutral at a red light. According to Tom & Ray at Cartalk, thiswould put just a negligible amount of wear to the transmission.

As for your horn, check the fuse and wire.
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Default RE: My car shakes when stopped

i've got the shakes too. but i dont think its the a stoplight, if i pop the transaxel in neutral the shaking goes away. must be a tranny thing?
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Default RE: My car shakes when stopped

I am going to agree with o3gtz...
sounds like the tranny to me.
You should consult a new mechanic, he obviously doesnt have a clue
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Default RE: My car shakes when stopped

Exactly my point... tranny failure.

I feel like I own an alfa....great for a week, but int he back of your mind you know its gonna break
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Default RE: My car shakes when stopped

I brought my car and had the timing belt, balance shaft belt and harmonic balancer replaced.
Guess what... The vibration-at-stop is totally gone.
So I admit it wasn't due to motor mounts, but neither was it due to transmission. It must be one or more of the above three things. That's true for my galant anyway.
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Default RE: My car shakes when stopped

My shaking seemed to be mostly caused by bad ignition coils and ignition wires. Cause the Mass air flow sensor got fixed and there was still shakes but once the new ignition coils were added and ignition wire was changed that seemed to stop the shaking. However, my car seems to go sideways or shake when I got past 70mph on the fwy or when I turn on the air conditioner. I still have no idea what's causing this. The mechanic said its because the car needed new engine mounts. I don't understand how a car that's barely 7 yrs old could need new ignition mounts so fast.
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