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Please Help w/ my 03 Galant

Old 07-10-2005, 04:49 PM
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Default Please Help w/ my 03 Galant

I have an 03 Galant ES 2.4 w/ 14k miles. Recently - Within the last 2-3 months my car will die when I come to a stop. Let me explain a little more:
I will be driving down the road (35-50mph) w/ the A/C on and stereo on. Everything will run fine for a couple of miles. However, after those couple of miles and I need to come to a stop at a red light or what not, the RPMS will drop to around 100-200 and bounce in that area. This will cause the car to die and I now have to put the car in Park and Start it back up. It will start back up w/ no problems and go for another mile or so before it does it again. It wont do this at every light or every stop but in a 5-10 mile drive w/ 4-5 stop It will die 2-3 times. Ive come to find out that if I can see a stop coming up and I put the car in Neutral it reduces the chance of dieing but wont always work. In that same 5-10 mile drive It will die 1-2 times. I can keep it from dieing at all if I put it in N and give it a little bit of gas. All of my fuses are good, Fluids are good etc.... Any Ideas - I cant have this happen to many more times before something Bad happens!

Also, About 6 months ago I had my OEM deck stolen out of the car, However instead of unplugging it from the back of the deck, they cut it. So I went out and bought a new deck and had a friend wire it. Well After many failed attempts he got the unit to work, However every since then my Speed-O and Odometer wont work. Any ideas as to what I can do as far as possibly getting an OEM harness and plugging it back in to a Aftermarket and into the deck? or possibly a Wire Diagram for those wires that I can possibly get the gauges and deck to work? Thanks.

Thanks in advance for anyhelp and/or Ideas.
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Default RE: Please Help w/ my 03 Galant

I did have an answer here but found you double posted, therefore I removed my answer.
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Default RE: Please Help w/ my 03 Galant

I double posted? As far as Ive ever known a double post is the same post in the same section - I posted in Tech (General knowledge of cars) and in Galant (This car specific). I do find it pretty sad though that you wouldnt help someone for such a small thing especially when it (as far as Ive ever known) was not a double post. It was the same topic to two different groups of people. Our car specifc and anyone who may have an idea. However:

Your original post:
Things to check for this problem.
1. Vacuum leak or intake leak after the MAF that includes intake manifold leak.
2. EGR stuck open, it's only supposed to open off idle. You can clean it.
3. Idle control circuit - You may need a manual for reference on this one.
4. I would also check the alternator output at idle.

Would any of this only happen AFTER Ive driven for several miles? I know vaccum leaks and what not will cause idle jumps at all times or when vaccum is given to that line, If Ive been driving for several miles, and changed nothing why would it start? If one or some of these can happen only AFTER Ive driven for a while - Please let me know.

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Default RE: Please Help w/ my 03 Galant

I refer you to a thread on the issue of double posting, as in same question, same issue even if it is on two separate forums.
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Default RE: Please Help w/ my 03 Galant

Anyway, Back to the original post:
Any one have any ideas?
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Default RE: Please Help w/ my 03 Galant

Well I didn't find your orginal post so lets trouble shoot all over again.....

Did you add a intake? If so then reset your ECU. You may just have a dirty TB as well. Try to clean it up.

For your stereo. Here is a link to a wiring diagram....

Look at the last diagram. Years are a little messed up but that is for a 99-03 Galant.

Just a wild guess but the two problems maybe related if they happend about the same time. The wires for your gauge cluster do not run the same route as your stereo. You may have a blown fuse somewhere or maybe a fuse that is just not seated right.

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