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Lancer 2010 De fuel economy

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Default Lancer 2010 De fuel economy

I all,
I got my 2010 lancer last wednesday so its been a week and 1 day andf in all did 600 km. Im already on my 3rd tank of gas!!! im starting to think there something wrong. Even with the fact that its wintr and i got the vents on the majority of the time...i dont blast them 24/7 but it is winter so i got to keep them running low at the very minimum especially with the huge snowfall weve had here in eastern Canada. Now i know this car is very fuel effecient and I dont drive it fast and peel at every stop sign, Im a very smooth driver, I really dont exxagerate at all. What could be the cause of this, just trying to get some ideas before I take an appointment at the dealership or trying to know if I should bring it in at all. O yeah last little fact...when i filled up last time i sent the trip meter to zero at I did 400KM on one tank, i was expecting alot more than tha out of this car...
any ideas of what this can be would help
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id talk to the dealer because that doesnt sound right at all. you should be getting no less than 670 k on a single tank if you are driving calmly. I personally have an 09 Lancer GTS which is less efficient than the '10 or the '11 GTS, and it still goes about 56 klicks further than you on one tank And your car is supposed to be far more economical than mine.

I should also mention that I think Canadian cars are all PZEV rated which might change the way the perform compared to none pzev cars. But I would assume that the rating system in Canada would have compensated for that.

This is what I think is the main problem I think your car is still set up of miles per gallon rather than kilometers. if that is the case then you are getting about 670 km per tank. thats about 10% lower than normal but that is well within the operating parameters

Ill walk you through how to change it from miles to km.

look at the screen in between your gauges

find the info button to the left of the steering wheel

keep pushing it till you find the settings menu

hold down the button for a few seconds until you hear a beep and/or the menu changes

to move the highlighted bar down the list push the info button once (to select an item hold the info button down for a bit)

as you scroll through youll notice that two of the icons have a "(A-M)" selections. my car is on the A which I am assuming is for the US, if its on A move it to M

Do the same for the other one. then go back to the main screen (the one where if you scroll through you can see your real time mpg, distance traveled, trip computer, etc.) see if its reading kilometers rather than miles.

Id then go back into the settings system and select the one that has to do with units. Mine is on MPG but you should probably select km/L or L/100Km i dont know exactly which you prefer.

again go back to the main screen and see if anything has changed. Id honestly drive around the block a bit to let it recalibrate and see if the changes take hold.

If nothing changes switch it back to the original settings and take it to the dealer cause I am out of ideas.
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when i push the info button i dont get a settings menu, i get all my readouts and i tried holding the infoo button for a dew seconds on each screen and nothing, all it does is reset the gauges back to zero. my redouts are already in KM but id like to change one readout to L/100KM instead of KM/L. Im getting the manual from the dealership soon so ill look in the book for how to change it. thanks for the tips though i didnt knw i could change it to that and thats alot better for me cause thats how i want to calculate my gas consumption. (L/100KM)

also if i continue getting 400KM to the tank then im definitly bringing it in for a checkup
thanks man
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oh forgot to mention, i do all my km in the city but still i ws getting 500KM to the tank on my 96 cavalier and this is a smaller engine with better specs so im sure there is a problem
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I get about 450-500km or so City depending on how aggressive I drive... average of about 8.9L/100km ... when its raining a lot, I get 7L/100km easily
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