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2004 limited timing belt?? and Valvoline ATF

Old 02-03-2011, 10:30 AM
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Default 2004 limited timing belt?? and Valvoline ATF

So I have a 2004 limited with 61k and I believe it is calling for a timing belt replacement according to the service schedule in the manual. My question is: Is it really critical at 60k to do a timing belt?. i know the engine is a "no clearance" engine and a broken timing belt means severe engine damage (bent/broken valves, piston damage, etc OUCH), What are you guys doing w your timing belts?, 60k, 120k. 180k etc?

Also I did a ATF filter and fluid flush with Valvoline Max life fluid. My dealer is 100 miles away and the service writer on the phone specifically told me that "they do not use Diamond SP-III ATF, they use an aftermarket equivelent", I have about 2k miles on the Valvoline with out any issues what so ever. Hope it stays that way
Old 02-03-2011, 07:47 PM
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I'm curious as to how they did a filter change as it's between the valve body and trans case. I would ask the service writer how they changed the filter. I was told that you must use the Diamond fluid for the trans. There are plenty of places to buy it online and ship to your home. I have 75K on my 2002 and haven't done the timing belt yet. I pulled the cover off and it still looked pretty good.
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working in mitsubishi dealerships for the past 23 years, i have repaired and or replaced many engines that the timming belt broke on. mitsubishi recommends a belt change every 60 k because thats all the milage the belt is designed to handle. if you want to play russian roulette with your vehicle, thats your decision. but just remember 2 things, WHEN, not if, that belt breaks where ever you are at, thats where you are gonna sit and wait on a tow truck. also a 400.00 to 500.00 timming belt job could easily turn into a 2 to 3 thousand dollar job WHEN that belt breaks. there is an old saying in the automotive world for procrastinators. pay me a little now, or pay me ALOT later!!!! as for the trans fluid issue we only use mitsubishi spIII in that model. aftermarket fluid doesnt have the same formula that mitsubishi transmissions were designed to use. if you start to feel shuddering, and odd upshift patterns, its the fluid. pretty common. and yes you can do damage to your trans. good luck!!!!!!
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The reason I went with the Valvoline Max life is that on the bottle it says it meets the Diamond SP-III specs. It also says the same on their website. Not sure if Valvoline can say it meets the specs of the Diamond SP-III if it actually does not?? Also would I feel the effects immediatly if it was to shift erratic or shudder?.

As for the fluid change and filter, I did the factory manual procedure of taking off the trans. cooler line and pumping old fluid out and adding new. So i'm sure i got most of the old ATF out. the filter is just inside the transmission pan, not between the valve body.
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jgbrules is on the money!

MM AFT forever and always...I've got just over 110K without a hitch.
I'm on a once a year schedule for changing my AFT. That schedule can vary, depending on how much severe use I put on it while off-roading each year.

Changed the timing belt at 60K, and plan on doing it again at 120K.

IMHO, if you stick with the service schedule in the FSM your Monty should power on, and on...
Good Luck
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Was getting an ear bleeding ticking noise from the engine in my 2001 Monty Lmtd a couple weekends ago. I knew the snow we had gotten had something to do with it. Come to find out, it was the timing belt. At 140,000 miles it was time for the second replacement. I hate dealers, but this was my Pops truck and he didn't trust it to anyone else; so I'm not taking any chances. They want $1,800 which includes water pump, tensioners, sensors, etc... The noise is so loud I kinda figured it be a $1,000 plus job or even a quote for a new engine. Everytime I stepped on the accelerator it felt like my engine was about to fall out, so I just couldn't wait to find a cheaper repair shop.
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Make sure they replace the cam and crank seals while they are in there. The cam seals especially.
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