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Default Turbo Build on Kia 4G64 (Using 1G/2G Eclipse Parts)

Not sure if this is the right place for this (if it isn't please direct me to the right place), but please wink at my ignorance:

This is a purely "theoretical" *wink* question Please, do not ask me WHY I would want to do something like this. Please, do not tell me "do not waste your money". I've heard too much of people sh*tting on my ideas. I'm just *looking* to do something unique (haven't seen ANYTHING like this when I searched). Why else do people build cars?

Anyways, what would I need to run a turbo setup on my car (2002 Kia Magentis, DOHC 4G64 2.4L) using Eclipse/Talon/Laser parts? Manufacturer rates my car at 152 bhp... in "theory", what would I need to bring that up to around 250-300. I've looked around online and apparently the 64 cranks can handle upwards of 800hp, and I've *heard* (i.e., not verified) that the other internals are good for more than 300hp.

From the research I conducted already, I know I'll need:

-Upgraded injectors (450 cc injectors from 2g Turbo Eclipse?)
-Fuel Pump (Not sure about the compatibility with my car, but maybe one from an eclipse will work?)
-Upgraded ECU (possibly from Eclipse or Evo 8, which I heard are directly compatible with the 4G64, unless Kia did something different with their cars)
-Exhaust Manifold (Which I can pull from any 1G/2G Turbo Eclipse)
-Turbo (14b/16G) (Would have to be pulled from the same type of eclipse that I borrowed the manifold from?)
-Intake/Exhaust Piping would have to be custom, as the 64 is mounted in the reverse of the 63 engines
-Fuel Management (If someone could explain how to setup an FMU, that would be appreciated. I read that they are good for running 6-8 PSI of boost. But how reliable are they? And would I need one if I'm running the Eclipse ECU and fuel pump?)
-Intercooler (IDK if this is necessary as I'd only be running low boost pressures, but I can find one if need)
-Wastegate (do eclipse turbos come with these? would i need an aftermarket one?)
-Oil Lines for the Turbo (Don't know how to set those up)
-Water Lines for the Turbo (Same thing as above)
-Knock Sensor

Is there anything I am missing? Is my goal reasonable/ attainable? Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. You do not have to answer ALL my questions, but please feel free to throw in your input in your area of expertise. Also plz don't take a nice doodoo on my head .

Note: I know a couple of people who are both experienced with these engines (One ran an evo 9, the other ran multiple Talons and Eclipses). However, they are also on the list of "Ppl who sh*t on my hopes and dreams" so I don't want to enlist their help until I know if this is possible. THANKS IN ADVANCE.



Turboing a 4g64 (Missouri Mitsubishi)
- This post said a build like this would be between $1700-$3000, but it was posted in 2007.... I'm assuming prices have dropped since then

can i use a turbo ecu from a 95 on a 4g64? | DSMtuners

8G 4G64 Galant Turbo Build Research - Galant Forums.net

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