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Default Silicon carbide manufacturing bearings

Many bearing material, the quality also is very difficult. Decided to different performance, different material become to spread to pottery and porcelain, plastic, magnetic before. Tianjin han achieves seiko trade co., LTD., summarizes the different performance and material properties, such as the synthesis of new inorganic non-metallic materials is one of modern ceramics for daily use. Diamond hardness after a qualitative chemical attack, abrasion resistant, heat resistant performance and lubricating performance, high mechanical strength, good creep resistance, low friction coefficient, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient characteristics, widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, nuclear energy, often do mechanical seal friction pair material. Many tests show that the current material of the friction pair is best, especially the pressureless sintering and hot sinter performance good implementation.
At present, the domestic production of pressureless sintering SsiC main indexes close to the level of similar foreign products. In order to achieve the best performance of sintering, and the thermal production cost is expensive, many applications. Use this function, which are widely used in protection and maximum magnetic pump. Dalian four pumps since 2001 for the whole of silicon carbide ceramic friction pair, the research and development, SKF 6206 Deep Groove Ball Bearings sleeve bearing thrust disc is using pressureless sintering SSiC material. In 2002, began to use the product, with good performance. As early as in 2003, on the basis of the original, improvement:
Step and improving the structure of the bearing sleeve transmission, decided to cool bearing sleeve end of stress concentration, to enhance public results reliability.
The thrust plate structure is unique, B is more reliable. Such as protection of electric pump bearing, small thermal expansion coefficient, brittle material, easy to fracture and other characteristics, is an urgent need to solve.
Group C automatic forming elastic compensation, can automatically compensate radial super inflation differentials, novice 0 ℃ to 25 ℃ pump to normal operating temperature.
Silicon carbide for stainless steel thermal expansion coefficient, when the temperature of the medium high, the stainless steel elements with interference or by bearing clearance loss; Brittle fracture toughness, stainless steel, 1/50 material, under the action of impact is easy, especially in northern shaanxi coal obscurity.
Elastic coefficient, 1/50, stainless steel machinery is crisp, easy to damage. Thermal expansion coefficient) for stainless steel, stainless steel instead of (note that when landing.
Structure of the problem:
If the fluid temperature (10) = 50 ℃ pump adopts the diameter d (mm) (stainless steel) rotor the following problems: the gap between wheel and the rotor is 0.052 mm, the clearance between the rotor and wheel than the room temperature (20 ℃) to reduce 0.052 mm. In order to achieve the normal temperature gap, gap mug and rotor. So, working temperature are prone to failure,  set of high temperature liquid, are more likely to fail.
Dalian four electric pump co., LTD., through continuous improvement and improve, to solve the bearing sleeve end of stress concentration, public results improve reliability, the formation of elastic automatic dialing, can automatically compensate radial compensation inflation differentials for more than a screen with a bearing electric pump, can be applied to normal operating temperature range 0 ℃ to 25 ℃. Our company is mainly in the form of silicon carbide bearings, anti XunHuanXing PBN PB, type, PBG, water temperature or PBLK type ZiXiXing PBZ, warm, high-power vertical PBGL PBB type has been completely shielding pumps, small flow type PBX get practical application. Using the power of 0.75 75 kw, the temperature range of 0 ℃ to 25 ℃, main application model is: a, b - environmental requirements have chemical corrosion resistance, low density and long life for easy evaporation temperature is high, its small soft particle d environment, f - environment there is no friction pair wear down powder mixing, such as pure water industry of high purity or state, etc.
Dalian co., LTD., the quartet - key features: bearing
And purity of crystal is realized by using pressureless sintering bearing: SSiC mark: p baby.
Graphite bearing (usually more than 10 times of resources.
With its unique structure, can automatically compensate radial super inflation differentials, novice 0 ℃ to 25 ℃ pump to normal operating temperature.
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