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Fuel and Oil additives.

Old 11-05-2008, 08:24 PM
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Default Fuel and Oil additives.

Flushing Oil Concentrate

FOC is formulated with detergents and dispersants that specifically target sludge and hard packed carbon. FOC is added to the engine oil, where it has a powerful action to dissolve/resuspend sludge and deposits from pistons, rings, cylinder bore (glaze), valve gear, oil cooler, oil galleries and sump. Engine rebuilds can be avoided where performance and efficiency have deteriorated due to sticking rings, poor oil circulation, etc.


Cleanpower is a highly concentrated chemical that efficiently cleans the entire fuel system. Contaminants are finely dispersed to pass harmlessly through filters, fuel pumps, injectors, etc. An upper cylinder lubricant is incorporated for additional lubrication. Anti-rust protection is powerful. Improved fuel atomization provides cleaner fuel combustion with less residue for deposit formation. Engine idle and operating performance are optimized.

Aw-10 Antiwear

Did you know that up to 25% of the horsepower an engine produces is lost because of internal friction? This means that a 225HP engine actually develops 300HP in the combustion chambers, but loses 75HP before it reaches the flywheel. Approximately half of the horsepower is lost between the piston rings and cylinder walls.

If you increase the load carrying ability of the oil (without increasing its viscosity), you can reduce frictional losses. Dynometer testing has demonstrated a 13% power increase in a diesel Navara, and 6% increase in a V6 Commodore. It is highly recommended for 2 stroke oils also.


FTC Decarbonizer contains special chemistry that allows engine carbon deposits to be safely oxidized (or burnt away). When added to petrol or diesel fuel, it modifies the chemistry of the fuel combustion process, to accelerate the fuel burn and oxidize existing combustion chamber and exhaust system carbon. This action is entirely safe and is a progressive action working first on the easier softer deposits, and eventually on stubborn hard carbon (that would normally have to be chiseled off at overhaul).

If interested you can head over to our Website at or email me at [email protected]

The cost of the products can also be found via the website and email link. I just did not want to over clutter the post. Fell free to PM me or send a email with any questions.
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Default Microlon One time Engine and Fuel treatment

I was wondering if anyone on here has purchased and used the Microlon 1-time engine and fuel treatment. It is pricey at $225USD but it's a one time treatment that is suppose to last the life of your vehicle.

See their website for more info and pricing for your vehicle (based on engine size). If I had money to spare (which most of us don't) I'd try this. If it was more reasonably priced I would consider ($50 or less) but its a lot to invest not knowing if the product provides any true benefits.

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i dont think there is a possible way that a treatment can protect throughout the life of your vehicle with just one treatment. again this is just my opinion and i could be wrong.
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