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Upgrade Options for the 3G


Old 01-09-2006, 12:30 PM
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Default Upgrade Options for the 3G

For all you guys and girls out there who want to do modifications to their 3G, I have made a list of a number of parts that you can start with. These are parts that I would recommend. If there are other parts that you want, don't let me stop you from getting them. Remember, it is YOUR car. I will also list websites to get each part. You may find sites that are cheaper than the ones that I post. If so, get the parts from whereever. I am not looking around the internet for the lowest prices. You will notice that I post Tearstone's (Russ) website alot. That is mainly because I've met him, he is a good guy, he knows alot about the 3G, his site is easy to navigate, and he mainly sells parts for the 3G. You can find most of these parts on plenty of other websites.

You will notice that not all of these modifications will increase your HP. Some will increase handling and braking. You will also notice that I will not list any stereo systems, undercar neons, decals, body kits, or any other visual mods. These mods are strictly for the performance of the car.


First and foremost, I want to get this out of the way. THERE IS NOT CHIP MADE FOR THE 3G. THE PIECES OF CRAP THAT ARE SOLD ON EBAY ARE A JOKE. THE JET MODULES CANNOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. THROTTLE BODY SPACERS WILL DO NOTHING BUT LIGHTEN YOUR WALLET. SO WILL ELECTRIC SUPERCHARGERS AND THE "TURBONATOR". If you want to spend your money on these, you can feel free to send that money to me. You will get the same reward out of it.


With that being said, we will start with the most basic mods then work up....


AEM/Injen/K&N - These three CAI are basically the same. You won't go wrong with either one of the three you decide to buy. You may hear people talk about CAI vs. WAI. Neither one is better than the other. They will both give you about the same HP gains. Some people say that a WAI is louder so they like that better. Either way you want to go will be good. The only advise I will give you is to STAY AWAY FROM EBAY INTAKES. These intakes usually are crap and will not fit.


You can usually get the name brand intakes from most online vendors. However, I have found that NOPI has the most comprehensive list of intakes. NOPI


There are a number of manufacturers that make exhausts for the 3G. GReddy, JIC, Apex'i, HKS, Borla, Magnaflow, Injen, Razzi(dual exhaust), and Invidia. All of these, with the exception of the HKS, are full cat-back exhausts. You can also get most of these from NOPI. Exhausts are ok to get from Ebay, but research the seller before buying. I believe the Invidia is regularly sold on Ebay.

And to make things better, any exhaust that is made for the 2G GS-T(not GSX) will also fit the 3G with minor modifications. These modifications can be made by a muffler shop for very cheap.

These exhaust will give you next to nothing in the performance aspect, but they will make the car sound awesome. Not the raspy, **** off bubble bee sound that the local ricers sound like. These exhaust produce a low, mellow, deep tone.

You will need to know whether your 3G is a fed-spec or a cali-spec eclipse. If you have a 02+, then you have a cali-spec.

If you have a 2000 or 2001 eclipse, use the following methods to figure out which you have...

On the GT, the easiest is to slide under the front of the car, near the passenger tire. Look up. If you see a big bulky rectangular thing with some pipes coming out of it, you've got Cali emissions. If don't, you've got fed emmissions.

The second way involves looking at some numbers and appears to be valid for 2000 model year Eclipses only. Pop the hood of the car. There is a sticker on the firewall behind the engine. It's behind the intake plenum, on the plenum's passenger side. On that sticker is a series of numbers and letters. If the 2nd to last number is a 9, you've got Cali emissions. If it's a 4, you've got a Fed spec car.
IF you have a fed-spec eclipse, then you will have to have modifications made to the exhaust for it to fit on your car. If you have a cali-spec, then the exhausts will be bolt-on.



This is where things start getting a little more difficult. I will try to explain this the best way I can. There are two types of headers: Long-tube headers and Short-tube headers. Long-tube headers will give you more HP gain but will also be more expensive than their Short-tube counterparts.

We will start with the Long-tube headers. There are three manufacturers who make long-tube headers for the 3G: Hytech, RIPP Mods, and RPW.

Hytech are the most expensive, running you about $1900. However, they will give you the most HP gain. I have seen gains of 40whp from these headers. These headers are not currently being produced anymore. You can either buy them used or contact Hytech and have them make you a set. Hytech currently only has the headers for the V6. Sorry 4cyl guys.

RIPP Mods also sells long-tube headers for the 3G. They will run you about $1200(V6) and they are said to give you around 30whp. However, I have seen many people get 10whp from these headers.

RIPP Mods - V6
RIPP Mods - 4cyl

RPW also sells long-tube headers for the V6. They can be purchased from RPW or Tearstone.


Now for the short-tube headers, there are more manufacturers. BFD, XIR, and CMF are common ones. These are all basically the same headers. You can probably find them on ebay. RPW out of Australia also makes a set of headers. They are well designed headers and will probably give you the most HP from the short-tube headers. They can be found Here.

DC Sports also makes a header for the 4cyl. It can be found here

OBX makes a pretty crappy header for the 3G. But its cheap, so that is also an option.

RPW's 4cyl Race Header


If you decide to get headers for your 3G, you will likely need some type of electronic fuel management unit to tune the engine. Headers normally tend to make the 3G run rich.


The most basic fuel management unit is the SAFC2. SAFC means Super Air/Fuel Controller. This unit will allow you to tune the A/F ratio (Air to Fuel ratio) to keep the car running stoich. Apex'i and HKS makes this type of fuel controller. The Apex'i one can be found on [url=http://tearstone.com/shop/index.php?page=shop.product_details
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Old 04-09-2012, 06:18 PM
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I would like to get rid of the senors and have a control module send a signal saying that all the senors are perfect. Does anyone know of some equipment like this?
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Old 04-09-2012, 06:20 PM
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Have a 2003 Eclipse 3.0 started shutting off when rpm get below 2000 tach starts jumping around any suggestions anyone.
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Old 03-25-2014, 08:31 PM
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Honestly i'm glad i saw this because i was beginning to just put my car up for sale since it was so underpowered and i couldn't find **** for performance well mainly performance parts for a 6g72
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