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Default Coolant

So Ownership Status:
2015 Lancer SE AWC
Love my car, love the dealership, love my technician.
Noticed when driving highway a burning coolant smell. Like a hint of that sugary sweet syrup.
Pulled over, but my engine was hot so I knew I'd have false information.
Coolant level showed between full and low on the tank. No big deal.
Get to work but the smell was still there.
checked under the car and hood for visible damage- no liquid, no tiny smoke trails from fluid hitting a hot piece. Let it cool for three hours, went back to check. Level reads below the low line. Checked the oil - still fresh and clean and no swirl of mixing.
I called my advisor, spoke to my tech and opted to add some regular purified water to her. Took her home parked her on cardboard - five or six hours later I went out, the fluid level is still where I put it and no fluid. Ran her for like 15 minutes hood up looking for any sign that anything is leaking. Nothing.
then I drove her highway. After ten minutes -theres my smell again.
Anyways. I am not worried to any real degree, my technician has an appointment. Just wanted to get some input and give my backstory
*Is coolant low an issue on these cars historically?
*Was there another surefire test I could have done?
Regularly dealer maintained every 5k miles, and I'm at 25k now, without a single concern.
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Default Update

So, being the riddle solver I am I did a few other things to see if I can get to the bottom of my coolant issue. After substantial googling and video watching and some good advice from friends- I decided to really consider that it could be my water pump.
To prove it is another thing - I lifted her up off the ground, cranked her up and spun my wheels to see if I could engage the pump. Nothing. No sound, no indication that the pump was engaging. So I put a stethoscope up to see if my age is getting the best of my ears...still nothing. Was I doing it wrong? Back to Google!
(Now I'm thinking this less than 2 year old car Has to have a working water pump, so...)

I googled some more to see if there is a Smarter way to check and then I'll get back to work on it.
​i will say that in several places water pumps are noted for this model between 2007-2015 as having issues, but I can't trust everything I see.
i checked for recalls and there are none, as opposed to older models of the same car that did have a recall correction.
I hooked up my reader to see if there were any codes I was missing - turns out I do have a tire low indicator stored And my lifting it up showed me a Nail in my rear tire! Alas!
Meanwhile parking it on a clean white surface has given me no evidence that there is a fluid leak, nor has the wax paper I carefully parked over.
Next stop: the detail shop!
If I can't find fluid outside of the car, and I haven't proven a part failure, maybe there is coolant in my car I'm overlooking. One dirty paw on the dash in this heat is enough to cause a smell, but also, it gives me a chance to find out if there is any liquid in my floorboards I could associate with a heater core. Rules it out while washing her up!
If anyone has any tests that they use I'd love to try it.
Also, if I didn't mention before, my temp gauge does not show that the car is overheating or running warmer than normal.
So I may just be the mad hatter chasing rabbits.
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