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2001 Galant Timing Help!

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Default 2001 Galant Timing Help!

so i think i have read every timing guide thats out their for the 4g64 and i am having issues.

So the car ran great before all of this. It over heated when it sat idle but instantly cooled off as soon as i revved the motor. I assumed the waterpump was bad as no one has yet changed it and its old. I have already changed the thermostat and radiator + cap (for other reasons, my radiator had a crack in it). so with all those parts changed i assumed it was the waterpump and went to do the water pump and timing belts.

So i have all the notches lined up. balance shaft, oil, pump, crank, and cam. It seems they are all very spot on, (maybe half a tooth off?, i dunno i dont see it though). i went to test start the car with all the serpentine belts still off just to make sure i have the timing right.

The car idled ok, but revved very slow, and has almost no power and alot of hesistation. Again prior to this everything was fine and all the marks line up after 6 revolutions of the engine. i rechecked them and they seem spot on? I dont know what to do.
I have no money at all so i cannot take this car anywhere, also i am very mechanically inclined and it would be silly to take this car anywhere. what am i doing wrong?

could the oil pump be out of sync with the balance shaft yet still line up on the marks all around at the same time? or would things not line up right if the synch was off with those two. also that would just cause vibration right? not my issue? It must somehow be a half tooth off or something, i dont even know how that possible. Snow is right aoround the corner and this is my daily driver. i have to stop driving my other car immediately and i am very panicked and stressed. please help!

car is stock. also wanted to mention though during my test start of this car i feel like i could see the head gasket area or right around the exhaust manifold area, smoking and possiby leaking. , this wasnt like this before. Could this be cuz of the timing being off a tooth? i hope i did not blow out my gasket with a slightly off timing. again i never had this problem before, now the exhaust smoke is whitish too.
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vacuum leaks come to mind.
Also if the plenum/extractor gaskets are gone youll be getting muffed results.
If car starts and idles without noise its unlikely a timing thing.

Comp test and spark check. Get back to us.
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so i was looking at this sight Timing Belt Serpentine Drive Belt Timing Chain Diagram Marks and its showing the tensioner being adjusted by pulling up on the wrench which will turn it counter clockwise, when i installed mine, i didnt have the fancy tool but use an allen wrench and giant channel locks for pulling leverage and pull it towards me but getting it to spin the pulley clockwise to apply tension on the belt rather than counter clockwise that this procedure is showing.
also whats the deal with the balance shaft tensioner they are showing? i dont understand what about the center sections of the pulley and bolt are they talking about, what about it?
shoould i take it back apart and redo it? i thought i had it right before i read that, it seemed to be the way it wanted to go was the way i did it.

also i cant help but notice in the details of the picture, the crank sprocket is setup right if it were in time and looks identical in real life, and i look at the cam and i figure the detail should be accurate but its showing the mark for cam slightly at an angle, slightly off to the side, and then they have the cam matching it. however in real world on my car it is 100% dead straight and dead at top this mark and so i have it lined up so. and this makes the + (cross) of the came pulley 100% level and straight on mine in real life but in the picture it shows that gear to be slightly turned to line up making more of an x than +

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