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Old 10-11-2011, 09:11 AM
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Default 2001 Montero Sport dies after starting

I have an 01 Montero Sport 3.0. One day my wife and I were driving and coming to a stop in a lot and it stalled. From there I tried starting it and it would die right out. So basically I had to double foot it to continue driving it. Being an Ex-mechanic, it seemed like a possible issue with the Idle Air control motor. So I unplugged it and started it up and it ran but idled high. So from there we drove home and I messed with it for a while. I tried adjusting idle but came to see that while running the adjusment worked but when you shut it off then start it again it would die out or idle really low as the Computer was trying to self adjust idle. Mind you I left Idle Air Control unplugged. Also I noticed while driving after idle adjusment that driving it the tranny would shift messed up. So I bought new idle air control motor and put it in and still dies right after starting. So I ruled out thats the issue. I cleaned throttle body, checked for vacuum leaks but no good. Check engine light is on and I had codes pulled and there were 3, one being for Idle Air control which I had unplugged, another for TPS and I forgot the other but I figured since I messed with idle screw that it triggered these codes. Now after starting if you hold gas down slighty for a second then put in drive it will be fine and drive with no stalling, only stalls when cold right after starting. After car is warmed up it will start right up but idle low for a second just like its gonna stall but then is fine. Also I think idles is to low anyway. I've read on here that could be TPS (throttle position sensor) or Air intake temp sensor which could make sense. Issue I have is Im out of work from surgery and dont have $$ to bring somewhere to diagnose. Though I was a mechanic I dont have a Snap on Scanner or anything to look a data. Just wondering if anyone else had same issue and what they did to fix it. THANKS!!!
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Old 10-12-2011, 09:52 PM
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Default I hate these types of problems, TPS.... could be.

At least you give a lot of information, unlike a lot of people who post and are so vague and clueless.

Messing with the idle speed control screw should not cause a TPS code.

It may be your TPS, as this feeds to the ECM and the ECM feeds the TCM which determines how your trans shifts. On my 93 TSI, besides a TPS it also has a closed throttle position switch that tells the computer when the throttle is closed and if this is out of adjustment, it causes problems too. I do not know if your vehicle has a separate one or if it is integral with the TPS. Maybe that was the other code???

Otherwise, a bad wire or bad ground and as you are an "ex" mechanic, you know the joys of trying to find that!!
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Old 10-13-2011, 08:15 PM
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Yeah I was leaning toward TPS but also Intake Air Temp Sensor a possibility cuz if its giving false temp to computer then I will send false idling levels and such. Problem is parts for these arent cheap. Idle air control motors are $150 and up but I did find one on ebay. So I was going to try Intake Air temp sensor first then TPS. Guess we will have to see....lol
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