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HELP! 2001 Montero Brake Job

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Default HELP! 2001 Montero Brake Job

Hi all.. Ok, I was told by a Mitsubishi dealer that in order to do a complete brake job (pads and rotors) the rear axle would have to be dropped in order to get the rear rotors off. Is this true, and if so, why?? I'm looking to do a 4 wheel brake job on my 2001 Montero and am just looking for facts from someone experienced. Thanks in advance!!! -Frank
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Default RE: HELP! 2001 Montero Brake Job

I don't have any knowedge with the 2001 montero, I have 2001 limited too. my other car 94 honda accord, the replacement of front disc required to take the complete front assembly out the car, need to replace the front bearing, it require 4 hours professonial mechanic. (total cost included the parts was $500). I am not suprise the Mitsubishi montero does the same thing.
Let me know what do you find out.
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Default RE: HELP! 2001 Montero Brake Job

There are some repair shops that can turn the rotors on the car. However, I personally think it is not necessary to turn the rotors every time you change your pads. In fact, my '95 Montero has never had the rotors turned. As long as the rotors are not gouged I would just change the pads, but be sure to use high quality pads (OEM or I like Bendix Import Quiet pads). Make sure that you have all of the fluid flushed in your brake system whenever the pads are changed. Or if you want your rotors resurfaced, find a shop that can resurface them on the car.
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Default RE: HELP! 2001 Montero Brake Job

adornare, I think that if the rear rotors are mounted inside the rear suspension then you may indeed have to drop the axle. Brakes mounted inboard are done to reduce the weight that the springs and shocks need to react to. You can confirm by looking under the truck and seeing where and how the rear brakes are mounted. Unless the rotors are split then to get them past the suspension the axle may need to be dropped. I have a 1992 Montero that I do all my own repair work on. My rear brakes are mounted on the outside of the axles so my rotors can be removed easily. As for the rotors they can be rebuilt (honed, new seals) for about 1/2 the cost of aftermarket rebuilds, but only if you do the work yourself. The hassle of taking off the front rotors because of the hubs meant I just hammered the rust off the outside of the rotors and filed the edge so that the new pads would slip past easily. The rotors were in good condition. However I let the rears go too long and had to turn one and replace the other. When I first got this vehicle I bought a Helm factory manual so I could do most of the work myself, best $150 I have spent on the truck and has saved me 100's. One timing belt change more than paid it back.
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I have changed the pads on my 2001 Montero a few times. So far I have never had to rotate or replace the rotors.
1. Remove wheel
2. Remove the two screws caliper screws
3. Sit caliper out of the way..usually I rest it on top of the rotor assembly
4. I always open my brake fluid cap because I am going to pushing fluid back up through the lines into brake fluid container
5. Remove old pads...should come out very easily
6. Using a C-clamp, press pistons all the way back into the caliper
7. Insert new pads
8. Reinstall caliper
9. Pump brakes slowly until you feel them tightening up.
10. Put the brake fluid cap back on...test drive

Note: I am only a shade tree mechanic....this is how I have been doing it for for me...good luck.
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the rear axle does not need to be removed. I think you may be misinterpreting. No mitsu dealer will remove anything to machine the rotors, as all should have the tools to do it on the car. And even if they dont, all they need to do is remove the caliper and pop the rotor off.
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