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HELP - Rear door lock won't open door!!!

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Exclamation HELP - Rear door lock won't open door!!!

Hi Everyone,

I am new here and soooo glad I found this forum. For all of us who have this 2000 Montero Limited (and it might be all the Monteros) aren't you won't why the he** they would make a car where the rear back door doesn't open from the inside. It make no sense!!! Why have that last row if you can't get out!

In any case, here is my dilemma as I saw many people on this forum had. The rear door lock does NOT OPEN I am beyond frustrated. I have sprayed some anti rust lube from outside b/c I can't open the door at all. Let it sit for hours. Nothing. The latch underneath is super loose which tells me something popped off and I read that many people found it was a spring but they were obviously able to open the panel from inside. I removed the tool panel (which I think I broke in the process) but on this model there is NO WAY to remove anything to get to that lock or am I missing something. Does anyone know anything I can do to take that panel off? Again this is a 2000 Montero limited. How on earth would even a mechanic take it off. THere isn't a single screw or clip or anything that would indicate it can be removed! It's all smooth plastic. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Crazycar,
I agree, very bad design. Didn't even fix it on the 3rd generation.
I have an '03 LTD with (I think) is the same type of door handle and have had the same issue. Perhaps my technique may assist you.

The problem is with the handle spring lever. It can get corroded and stick open (as if the handle is being pulled).
First, if yours is like mine, then the inside lever is on the left side of the handle opening, about an inch below (the door handle pushes down on this lever). Use the red straw that usually comes with the bottle of wd-40 or PB blaster (my favorite) and try to direct as much spray as possible in that area and let it sit for a few.

Then, park on a decline. While pushing the door closed (like you're trying to jam it closed with too much luggage) use your fist or a big rubber mallet to bang on the lower left corner of the rear window repeatedly in a effort to vibrate let that stuck lever loose. Don't hold the handle when you're doing this, you want the handle/lever to reset. Bang on it pretty hard, you wont' break the glass as long as you don't use a pointed or metal object. After a couple minutes of this, try the handle again, hopefully, it will have loosened it up a bit. If you get it open, don't close it again before tearing off the back panel and getting some grease on that lever/spring.

If that doesn't work, I fear you'll have to cut a section out of the back door cover to gain access to the area you need to. If you're crafty, you could probably add small hinges on the cutout and/or even add some type of handle or release cable that would allow the door to be opened from the inside. It's in inexpensive and functional alternative to buying a new cover. I'm actually thinking of adding release to mine since we use the 3rd row seats so often with the kids.

Good Luck!
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I can't remember for sure but think if you remove the tool kit from the back door and have a small arm/hand you can try to maneuver in the door. It's also another way to get some lube in to try to break it loose. I've replaced one lock set already and had that one leave me trying to get in as well. I'm thinking preventive lube may be the best answer on a regular basis.
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Originally Posted by crazycar2000 View Post
Hi Everyone,

For all of us who have this 2000 Montero Limited (and it might be all the Monteros) aren't you won't why the he** they would make a car where the rear back door doesn't open from the inside. It make no sense!!! Why have that last row if you can't get out!
Ummm, not sure how you do it, but in order to get in and out of the third row you don't get out the rear back door. You fold the second row of seats flat, then lift them up from the rear to allow third row passengers to get out the right or left rear doors.
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