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Default Deep groove ball bearing limit speed

When load is 0.1 C in direction, due to the condition of rolling contact surface contact pressure, added that the direction of the working temperature and lubricant properties, therefore, relative deterioration of deep groove ball bearings reduce speed accordingly.
In C / = 10, due to the speed limit is small, so it can reduce the f1 = 1, namely according to the XML schemas.
To withstand load work together, to the position of the heart due to bear the burden of a growing number of rolling friction, FaReLiang increase resistance, increasing lubrication cooling conditions, the poor effect, but also in the power of the rack, therefore, must increase the load type and size of the orientation Angle, deep groove ball bearings, limit multiplied by the coefficient of lower speed adjustment of f2.
If you select the direction of the speed limit the use of a single spark, can use some technical measures to improve, to achieve more satisfactory. As the level of GongCha correlation; The band appropriate increase to swim. Maintain and improve the structure or special materials; The plane change way, such as using oil mist, oil and gas injection lubrication and cooling conditions; To improve.
First of all, the maintenance method of bearing lubrication
Should keep in the operation of the expressways, conduct regular check MiFengJian lubricant MiFengJian timely replacement of damaged. You can also run condition monitoring of noise. Lubricating oil monitoring, temperature in three aspects. Because the hum of the must run smoothly, when this is the lubricant of timely, is normal, if have QingLiang clean lubricating oil dirty, wear particle pollution or, as the temperature increases, can appear abnormal operation.Shaking correlation factors in the process of the operation of the bearing
Second, restraint, the concrete measures of lubrication
1, the importance of lubrication
Attaches great importance to the spark oil technology direction. Can use oil film lubrication between moving surface relatively independent, not because of volume DianJieChu difficult and excessive wear, also ensure that are expected to remain stable in working in the failure of performance can still rotate and precision.
2, the classification of lubrication
Divided into fats and oils, grease lubrication is the advantage of simple lubrication lubrication device, there will be no leakage of bribes, water, gas and other impurities, so in general ability, wide application of lubrication. In high temperature, high speed and overloaded GongKuang covers lubrication.
3, traditional bribes
Fill in the amount. The best guide to fill the space a third to half of deep groove ball bearings, if a lipid and too hot, Saul, chin as mixed fat necrosis or deteriorated. Just have to fill out to a third or less. When low speed, in order to avoid the formation of INA direction external objects can fill in the space.
4 and guide the guardianship
More strict storage and preservation of the environment, such as temperature, humidity. Make FangXiuYou model, the temperature control in the golden 25 ℃, should maintain a 0, relative humidity from 45% to 60%.
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